Commercial Security System | Monitored Security Systems | Access Control

Protecting your assets is our business.   Every commercial security system installation is unique, from the size of the facility to the nature of the business. We provide state of the art Building Surveillance Cameras and Access Control Systems!

Designing commercial alarm systems requires a great deal of experience and implementation. Shaker Security has that experience.  We offer a variety of commercial security applications to include burglary and fire alarm detection systems, state of the art digital camera CCTV Surveillance Systems, and Access Control Systems for small and large commercial facilities.

When designing commercial systems, we work closely with our clients to meet the needs and specifications to each individual business.  Each and every installation is followed by a comprehensive and thorough training of the operation components of the systems and equipment installed.

Many business require different levels of back up equipment in case of A/C power failure   All of our commercial security system(s) are fully equipped to handle these critical situations so that should your facility loose power, your alarm will continue to function using back up battery power.

Cut or downed phone lines are also a concern to business facilities.  Here again, Shaker Security can provide back-up systems to keep your alarms monitored during such a crisis.  Manage your business remotely is as easy as picking up your phone to perform alarm functions.  We also generate monthly reports to see which employees are accessing your facility to monitor their activity or on an as needed basis.